Does Your Home Need Roof Ventilation?

Marcus Blanford

When considering the ventilation in your home it’s important to understand that there are some areas that are rich with humidity. Improving ventilation throughout your home can assist with temperature control as well as regulating the humidity inside your home. If you’ve never considered roof ventilation for your home, here are some of the crucial elements that are needed with your roof to prevent damage and regulate the temperature

Roof Vents

A roof vent is needed in any unheated space like in an attic or an attached roof. Roof ventilation and roof vents can help to cool the roofing material as well as the waterproofing materials inside the roof. Roof vents can slow down the aging process of shingles, prevent the extra weight from water on a shingle and continue to circulate cold air from the eaves that will lead to efficiency with cooling.

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